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The CORVUS box is a unique multi-purpose storage accessory.

Intended primarily for use in SUVs, CUVs, station wagons, mini-vans and ATVs, the CORVUS box offers security by means of a locking storage chest. While this in itself is not unique, the CORVUS box can convert into a bed-liner to protect the interior cargo area of a vehicle.

When expanded, the CORVUS box can also provide a work surface, suitable for setting parts and tools on when working outdoors.

Tie-down rings assist in securing the box. Low profile rivets reduce the possibility of items catching.



Loose items in the back of a vehicle with an open cargo area (e.g. SUV) can become projectiles in an accident or other mishap and, as such, are a potential hazard to the vehicle's occupants. Storing your loose items in the CORVUS box could significantly reduce the risk of injury in those cases. For additional safety, CORVUS boxes can be secured to the floor of the cargo area by means of built-in D-Rings, to further reduce the risk of potential injury.


Stop worrying about leaving personal items in plain view of passersby. Put them out of sight and locked up in the CORVUS box.


Protect your investment and keep your cargo area neat and clean by organizing clutter and containing dirt!


We've used only the best materials and components in the construction of the CORVUS boxes. To prove our point, we've backed it up with a 10 year limited warranty!


Not only does the CORVUS box offer all of the functionality of a traditional storage box, but it also provides the ability to act as a bed-liner for the cargo area of the vehicle.


We wanted our product to be usable by almost everyone. A major consideration was weight. We were able to produce the CORVUS box so that it weighs less than 20lbs. empty. This makes it easy to place in, or remove from, the cargo area as required.


30" Wide

12" High

18" Deep

DIMENSIONS (Bed-liner):

30" Wide

6" High

48" Deep


19 lbs.



** Custom colours available on quantity orders.

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