Brockville, ON (OPENPRESS) June 1, 2009 -- Building on their successful CORVUS® box, CAPCAN Inc. has used the down-turn in the economy as an opportunity to work on enhancements to their product, warranty and pricing strategy. Read on for the latest updates from CAPCAN Inc.

Design – In response to consumer feedback, CAPCAN Inc. has introduced changes to make a superior product even better.

The introduction of a lower profile rivet in the construction of the box reduces the likelihood of items catching and potentially tearing.

To address a safety concern, for both daily users, and off-roaders, tie-down rings have been added to each end of the box to facilitate securing the box in the cargo area. This enhancement will make it much simpler for the outdoorsmen to move the CORVUS® Box between their vehicle and their ATV.

Warranty – CAPCAN Inc. now offers a full 5 year warranty against defects directly related to the manufacture of the CORVUS® box. CAPCAN Inc. will repair, or replace, at their discretion, any box that, during normal, personal use, is proven to have a defect.

Price – We continue to work to bring a top quality product to market at a competitive price. To this end, we have been able to introduce very aggressive pricing in a time when the consumers need it the most.

Our ability to lower the retail pricing has not been at the expense of the materials used, or the quality of the finished product. We have, however, due to consumer trends, decided to drop all colours and offer the CORVUS® box in black only. Custom colours are still available on orders of 25 or more.

Through our online store, you can order the CORVUS® box for $229.99 CDN (which is approximately equal to $209.99 USD as of 2009-05-31), plus shipping and applicable taxes.

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CORVUS® boxes are made in Canada.

Dealer inquiries are welcomed.

Please direct all inquiries to “support(at)”.

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